Welcome to Psyche. the Greek word psyche translates for soul. It’s also the Greek word for butterfly, meaning transformation from primitive stage to a more complete and developed one. Psyche, in the Greek Mythology, was a beautiful maiden that called the attention of Eros, the god of Love. She broke a promise she made to Eros by opening her eyes to see who was her lover (Eros) and was banished from his company. Psyche had to ask for Aphrodite’s mercy. Aphrodite, the Godess of beauty, gave Psyche a set of impossible tasks to be able to reunite her with her love Eros.

butterfly on top of pink flower
Photo by Behnam Ramezani on Pexels.com

The meaning behind this story can be compared to a transition phase in one’s life where the biggest issue is trying to figure out what we want from life and what life wants from us. People search for meaningful relationships, love, spirituality, happiness and fulfilment. But life gets in the way and most often false securities leads to feelings of loss, loneliness and boredom. A sense of an unaccomplished life. What to do next? This is when paralysis kicks in and even when we know we need to move on, some how we can’t. Seeing a psychologist can really help. It is so important to have someone to listen  to our most deep doubts and fears but also lost dreams.  A psychologist is an experienced professional that gives you support, listen to you and challenge old and unhelpful patterns. It is in this relationship that one can grow.

I am a psychologist working in south Sydney, Kogarah, Australia. My job is to assist people in finding meaning in their life by finding out what is blocking them to move forward. Once they are able to find and accept who they are, there is space and maturity to grow. One small step at a time.