Welcome to Psyche. Like Psyche in the Greek Mythology story, most of us find our selves trying to figure out what we want from life and what life wants from us. We search for meaningful relationships, love, spirituality, happiness and fulfillment. But life gets in the way and most often we find ourselves lost and stuck. What to do next? This is when paralysis kicks in and even when we know we need to move, some how we can’t. Seeing a psychologist can really help. It is so important to have someone dedicate their experience and knowledge in listening to our most deep doubts about life.  Someone there for you, to support, listen and challenge your old and unhelpful patterns. It is in this relationship that we can grow, finding the truth about ourselves. I am a psychologist working in Sydney, Australia. My job is to assist people in finding meaning in their life. Once they are able to find who they are, there is space and maturity to grow. One small step at a time.