Welcome to Psyche Psychology Practice. Why Psyche?

Psyche is a Greek word that translates into soul. It’s also the Greek word for butterfly, meaning transformation from primitive stage to a complete and developed one. This is the purpose of our work. For our clients to find calm, trust and meaning. A safe place to grow and move forward in life.

I am a psychologist working in south Sydney (Kogarah), Australia and also an online therapist. My job is to assist people finding meaning  and fulfilment in life. Together we find out what is blocking the flow of life, which behaviours and beliefs are no longer useful. Once they are able to find and accept who they are, there is space and maturity to grow. One small step at a time. Bellow I present some Q&A so you can have an informed decision about initiating your journey.

butterfly on top of pink flower
Photo by Behnam Ramezani on Pexels.com

When should I start therapy?

You can start therapy at any point in your life. Usually, it happens when some symptoms such as anxious feelings, stress, low energy and mood, negative thoughts become more present and it feels difficult to cope. Therapy provides a safe environment where you will have a professional trained to listen to your story and together unravel a belief system that has become unhelpful.

What is the best therapy method? 

There are currently many different psychological methods. Most modalities are evidence based which means they were researched and found to have positive measured outcomes to the clients. In my point of view, it is more important that as a client you feel safe and listened to. I believe therapy has a relational foundation. This means the relationship you form with your therapist has a quality in it self. It works as a modelling example for you in life out side the therapy room.

How does it work?

You will book an initial appointment and we will discuss what is has been happening in your life. I will then repsent my work to you, as well as my approach and experience as a psychologist. If we both agree we can work together, we proceed to book our next appointment. Currently, Medicare provides a rebates on your sessions providing you bring a referral letter from your GP with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).

Starting therapy is a brave step.

It means you are ready to start your recovery process. Recovery has a different look for each individual. For some it might mean change and for others it might mean acceptance of what is and strength to move forward anyway. I wish you the best on your journey.

More about the Greek myth of Psych

The meaning behind the Greek myth of Eros and Psych can be compared to a transition phase in one’s life.  The biggest issue during this period  is trying to figure out what we want from life and, on the other hand, what life wants from us. People search for meaningful relationships, love, spirituality, happiness and fulfilment. Real life (family, work, children, finance, studies) can get busy and overwhelming. Most often this situation can lead to feelings of loss, loneliness and doubt. A sense of an unaccomplished life. What to do next? Paralysis installs itself and even when we know we need to move on, some how we can’t.

Seeing a psychologist can be a step into knowing more about this phase in life and about yourself. It is so important to have someone that can actively listen to our deepest doubts and fears, also lost dreams and hopes.  A psychologist is an experienced professional that gives you support, listens to you and challenges old and unhelpful patterns. It is in this relationship of trust that one can acquire long lasting understanding of their own processes and how to move forward.

Shall we begin?